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Over the last 50 years the capability, complexity, and sensitivity of electrical and electronic equipment has grown dramatically. Further, computer controls, electronic instrumentation, and other electronic devices have now been installed almost everywhere. Even mundane devices such as high capacity pumps, and fluorescent lights have changed from analog devices to sophisticated electronically controlled equipment. The Total Protection Solutions team understands how these changes have impacted equipment reliability and increased the sensitivity of your facility to transients or surges.

We have walked in your shoes and know that every facility has its own unique configuration and transient/surge challenges. We have listened to our customer's problems and have developed solutions that eliminate all types of transient/surge issues. Using our products in your facility will increase your power system reliability, extend equipment life, reduce equipment and facility downtime, reduce electrical maintenance and repair costs, and increase productivity. An investment in Total Protection Solutions product is an investment in cost savings and increased productivity for the life of your facility. Total Protection Solutions total protection for life increases your return on investment every year you own your facility.

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